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Novo for Construction Chemicals

Novochem S.A.E. is one of the most fast-growing Egyptian incorporations in the field of manufacturing and marketing chemical and petrochemical construction materials that used in building and construction industries. Our products are manufactured according to the most recent recognized standards worldwide with consulting of Egyptian and European Expertise.

Our History

History begins in 2004 with the Novochem

Novochem is established in 2004 with Egyptian - Saudi Capitals. With five mega factories covering an area of 20,000 square meters which includes powder factory, bituminous factory, addatives factory, resin factory and paints factory.

It aims to produce the-state-of-art technology in the field of Building and manufacturing construction materials to the local and international markets by providing the integrated technical packages of solutions to assist the specialists in constructing the safest, most qualified, and durable buildings that last longer and longer.
Why Choose Us

NovoChem products are trusted

NovoChem's products are trusted by the consultants, contractors, engineers, and technicians in Egypt and abroad with its qualified specifications and safety standards that based on the international recognized standards for the environment's protection. We in NovoChem work with willpower and enthusiasm to provide products that protect the real-state and human wealth according to our main principle “ our products are engineered to long lasting building

Our Vision

Our Vision

NovoChem is taken the responsibility of providing national and international markets with the up-to-date chemical and petrochemical construction materials to achieve the highest grades of safety and consistency using the state of industrial art technologies. So this requires a continuous observance of introducing the most recent and suitable products beside the technical awareness of specialists in building and road construction industries who always have been regarding to the new in our field.

Our Mission

Our Mission

One of the important factors in NovoChem is to protect national and international real-state wealth with using the qualified chemical and petrochemical substances that accomplish the highest degree of durability and consistency of buildings, in addition to, developing the road construction substances that comply with the necessity of protecting environment and producing the required substances for keeping this fortune. So this objective will not be achieved without emphasizing the most precise standards of building and construction materials used in industry.