Novo Bit 2 WBR

١٠٠٫٠٠ ج.م.‏
نظره عامة

Novo Bit 2 WBR is a high-quality waterproofing based on emulsion bitumen, modified with selective rubberized.
Novo Bit 2 WBR is a high-performance waterproofing applied over concrete and masonry surfaces.

Novo Bit 2 WBR complies with ASTM D -1227 Type 111.

Novo Bit 2 WBR is High-quality Waterproofing & Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion.



  • Cold and easy to apply.
  • None drying film with high-quality emulsion bitumen.
  • Good flexible waterproofing to water, mouser, and vapors.
  • High resistance to strong salts.
  • Applied on dry and damp surfaces.
  • Good adhesion on the surfaces.
  • Can be applied by brush, roller, and trowel on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Not contain solvent so no solvent odor and no need for special health precautions during application.

Fields of use

  • Protective for foundations, basement walls, internal and external sides lift pits podiums, terraces, general external wet areas underground structures waterproofing system over concrete blocks, brick, masonry, waterproofing under tiles and pavers in external areas stuck in sealing between existing and new.
  • Anti-rust coating for machines and other steel elements.
  • Used as adhesive for plastic sheets.
  • Used to produce elastic screeds, plastering cement mortars with high resistance to rising damp.


  • Brown/Black liquid.

Rate of use

  • 4- 6 m2 / kg / coat (depending on the surface condition and type).


Pail 10, 12 kg or Drum (as require of customer).