Novo Grout 600 HB / S

١٠٠٫٠٠ ج.م.‏
نظره عامة

Novo Grout 600 HB / S is a cement grout supplied as a ready-mix dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing non-shrink grout for gap thicknesses up to 100mm.

Novo Grout 60 meets the following standards:
1. ASTM C1107 type A.
2. ASTM C579 in comp Strength.
3. ASTM C/78 in flexural Strength

Novo Grout 600 HB / S is High Strength, Non Shrink and nonmetallic Cement Grout.


  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrink and settlement in the plastic state.
  • Prepackaged material overcomes potential onsite batching variations.
  • Develop high early strength without the use of chlorides.
  • High ultimate strength and low permeability ensure the durability of hardened grout.
  • Nonmetallic iron free and aluminum free.
  • Free from chloride and fluoride.

Fields of use

Novo Grout 600 HB / S is used to

  • Fill gaps under steel base plates in steel structures and production lines.
  • Fix big anchor bolts in concrete structures.
  • Fill gaps under base plates in bridges.
  • Repair of columns and concrete elements.


  • Grey.


  • Novo Grout 600 HB / S 25 Kg bags.